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Ultra-Large Split Bearings for BOF's & Converters

Spherical Roller Bearing, Ultra-Large, Split, Cut

Typical bearings for BOF's and Converters can't be replaced without the complex removal of the bull gear. Therefore large production losses can occur if there is a sudden need for replacement due to bearing failures.  NSK's design structure with split bearings ensures that any bearing replacement is not time consuming (work load reduced by approximately 35% against standard bearings) and facilitates a reductionin overall maintenance costs.

Condition Description

  • High Load
  • High Speed
  • High Temperature


  • Steel & Metals

Product Features

  • Ultra-large spherical roller bearings: outer ring, inner ring, roller, cage and fastening ring
  • Seal sliding surface integrated by a fastening ring


  • Ability to replace bearings without removing the bull gear
  • Reduced maintenance time - by 35% compared to standard bearings with bore 1200mm and 1400mm
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduction in downtime and production losses
950 SLPT 14 51
Show Description
950 Bore Diameter
SLPT Bearing Type
14 Outer Diameter (x100)
51 Drawing Number