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Angular Contact Ball Bearings BMPC


BMPC Angular Contact Ball Bearings are designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of centrifugal pumps. Their high-strength, machined-brass cage provides superior reliability in precision- manufactured bearings for the harshest of API 610 pump applications.

Condition Description

  • High Load
  • High Speed


  • Pumps & Compressors
  • Petrochemical

Product Features

  • 40 degree contact angle
  • Brass cage
  • Universal design
  • P6 accuracy
  • Reduced axial clearance range


  • High contact angle to support higher axial loading and medium speeds
  • Strong cage design for high reliability
  • Higher accuracy for cooler running
  • Specific axial clearance to avoid ball skidding
  • Universal design for pairs or triplex arrangements
73 10 B SU A** P6
Show Description
73 Bearing Series
10 Bore Number
B Contact Angle (B: 40°)
SU Arrangement (SU: Single Universal)
A** Axial Clearance (** in µm)
P6 Accuracy