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Deep Groove Ball Bearing - Special DGBB

Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Sealed

NSK Special Deep Groove Ball Bearings are designed with many different features and characteristics depending on individual customer requirements. This could include adaptation of a standard bearing or a completely new development of a bearing – every solution is implemented with NSK’s guarantee of quality.

Condition Description

  • High Speed
  • High Temperature
  • Low Noise


  • Machine Tools

Product Features

  • Excellent resistance to oxidation, heat, rust and water
  • Excellent high temperature performance due to special sealing materials
  • Low noise levels
  • Stronger outer ring with special profile or with flange for mounting
  • Use of high temperature grease


  • Offers long-life lubrication, even at high temperatures
  • Low frictional torque as a result of the use of a labyrinth seal
  • Minimum grease leakage and minimum  corrosion in damp environments
  • Other bearing variants available 
  • Outer and inner ring: diameter, width, threads etc.
  • Contour options: crowned, gothic etc.
  • ​Special seals
  • Mechanical engineering