NSK contributes to a safer, smoother society and helps protect the global environment through its innovative technology integrating Motion & Control™. As a truly international enterprise, we are working across national boundaries to improve relationships between people throughout the world. Based on this Mission Statement, the NSK Group aims to help protect the global environment and promote the development of society and humankind.
We recognize that our greatest corporate social responsibility is to develop and manufacture high-quality products that reduce energy loss in order to build an even more prosperous and sustainable world.

Sustainability Library

As of fiscal 2021, part of the NSK Sustainability Report has been incorporated into the NSK Report, our integrated report. We did this to highlight the NSK Group’s sustainability initiatives, such as those relating to the environment, society, and corporate governance, and to integrate information on these types of non-financial performance with the Group’s financial information. The content of the NSK Sustainability Report, which we have been publishing in print to date, will now be provided on the Group’s sustainability information website. We will continue to enhance the sharing of non-financial information.