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Deep Groove Ball Bearing

BNEQARTET are long life bearings designed for front-loading wash machines. Developed through a combination of alloy component optimization and proprietary cleaning control technology, these special deep groove ball bearings achieve more than twice the rolling fatigue life over standard ball bearing product used for drum support in front-loading washers.

Condition Description

  • Contamination
  • High Load
  • High Temperature


  • Domestic Appliances

Product Features

  • High alloy steel
  • Proprietary cleaning control
  • Available for all types of deep groove ball bearings


  • Fatigue life doubled over standard product
  • Containment of surface-originated flaking due to stress concentration from contamination denting
  • Containment of white structure flaking
  • Containment of flaking in high-temperature environments
62 05 -N-B5 ZZ C3 E EA5S
Show Description
62 Bearing Series
05 Bore Number
-N-B5 Bearing Desgin: BNEQARTET
ZZ Shield Symbol
C3 Radial Internal Clearance
E Noise class
EA5S Grease Symbol & fill