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NSK drives shop floor insights and extensive R&D into real solutions customers can truly appreciate: Solutions that are more than just higher numbers on the spec sheet. Our innovative solutions are leading the way to the future of machine tools.
Spindle Products (Bearings)Spindle Products (Bearings)
For SpindlesBearings
Today’s machine tool spindle is required to be highly versatile to maximize productivity and output. The spindle needs to perform both low speed heavy cutting and ultra-high speed finishing, as well as deliver high durability for long-term, stable operation, and high accuracy to enhance finish quality of the machined surface.
NSK technologies and extensive research enables our machine tool bearings to create value for our customers as we work closely together to set the future in motion.
Feed Products (Ball Screws)Feed Products (Ball Screws)
For Feed Systems Ball Screws
NSK develops and manufactures world-leading ball screws meeting customer demand for higher stiffness, higher speed, higher accuracy, higher durability, and low noise performance.
Feed Products (Linear Guides)Feed Products (Linear Guides)
For Feed SystemsLinear Guides
The linear guides that support machine tool tables must be highly reliable as well as highly accurate.
In addition, as machine tools become more efficient and used to process a broader range of products, demand is growing for high speed performance, dustproofing, low friction, and maintenance-free operation.
NSK Linear Guides™ solve these challenges with a variety of new technologies to deliver world-class performance.