Beware of Counterfeit NSK Products

Thank you for your continued use of NSK products.
NSK has confirmed that in some countries, including China, counterfeit NSK products have appeared on the market, and we have focused our efforts on enacting countermeasures in response to this issue. These counterfeit products may be sold through physical stores as well as online retail sites.
The manufacture and sale of counterfeit products infringe on NSK's trademarks and other intellectual property rights and threaten to harm the quality and safety of our customers' products. Therefore, NSK has taken a firm stance against businesses handling counterfeit products and intends to take even stricter measures moving forward. Specifically, when NSK has discovered businesses handling counterfeit products through market investigations, we have taken steps such as the disclosure and deletion described below, and we will continue to aggressively crack down on counterfeits.

Measures taken so far:
  • Stricter controls through customs bureaus in each country
  • Disclosure of stores handling counterfeit products
  • Deletion of businesses handling counterfeit products from websites
  • Deletion of Facebook pages falsely using NSK's name

At present, the distribution of counterfeit products is limited, and accordingly, NSK has identified only a limited impact on our customers. Regrettably, however, some counterfeit products are packaged in boxes imitating NSK's logo, name, model numbers, or other such information and are therefore difficult for customers to distinguish from genuine NSK products based on appearance. When purchasing NSK products, we kindly ask that our customers exercise due caution, such as by purchasing from authorized NSK dealers.

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