Electric Accessory and Engine Bearings


Electrical Accessories

Vehicles include a vast array of electrical accessories such as engine starters, air-conditioning systems for a comfortable riding environment, windshield wipers for safety, and oil-pressurized motors to assist power steering. These days, we cannot even imagine a vehicle on the road without these components. Unlike household appliances, these parts are exposed to extreme temperatures and vibrations. Therefore, they are equipped with far more durable and reliable bearings. NSK's advanced bearing technology has revitalized the automobile industry with such items as a clutch pulley unit for alternators, which is an automotive power source.


Electrification Products

High Pressure Resistance Seal Performance Bearing for Motor

Extends the operating life of anti-lock braking systems (ABS) by preventing oil from entering the motor and enabling operation at higher pressures. This technology can be applied in all types of oil pumps, including motors for brake system control systems.

Anti fretting grease for Automotive bearings

By optimizing the composition of grease components, we improved ball bearing wear resistance in high-vibration environments.


Bearings for Alternator

Clutch Pulley Unit for Alternator

The pulley unit with a one-way clutch decreases belt noise and extends belt life by absorbing the speed fluctuation transmitted through the crank pulley.


Highly reliable alternator bearings that offer high performance under high-temperatures conditions, high speed, with sealing features. Includes creep prevention function between the bearing and housing.


Bearings for Compressor

Magnetic clutch bearings with high sealing performance, high moment rigidity, and long life.

Thrust Needle Roller Bearing, Comp

High durability under the alternative coolant (non-Freon type) and high rotating speed.


Needle Roller Bearing, drawn cup, 5Comp

High durability under the alternative coolant (non-Freon type) and high rotating speed.


Bearings for Motors

Needle Roller Bearings, ABS-motor, 3Comp

Reduced weight and costs have been achieved with pressed outer ring.

Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Cooling Fan, 3Comp

Long life for high temperature and brush wear particle conditions have been achieved with special grease.


Bearings for Electric Power Steering Motor

EPS motor bearing for low torque, low vibration, and high reliability.

Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Throttle-Motor, 4Comp

Low torque for low temperatures and long life under high temperatures has been achieved with newly developed exclusive grease.