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Tapered Roller Bearings - Low-Friction TRB with Plastic Cage

Tapered Roller Bearing, plastic cage

Tapered Roller Bearings with Plastic Cages are dedicated to the automotive transmission market and enables a 20% friction reduction compared with conventional steel cage products. This development is particularly efficient under severe lubrication conditions such as low viscosity transmission fluids are used or  oil pump is shut down during the electric-motor-only mode in hybrid vehicles.

Condition Description

  • Low Friction


  • Automotive

Product Features

  • Features a plastic cage which enables the creation of more intricate shapes and provides the following characteristics:

    - Interior bearing space requirements are minimized to avoid any surplus volume of lubricant which reduces agitation resistance.

    - A stable supply of lubricant to the sliding surfaces of the rollers is ensured via the addition of a dedicated oil pool

  • Cage is available in three plastic materials: PA46, PA66 and L-PPS (linear polyphenylene sulphide) with special additives and high temperature resistant design


  • Bearing friction reduced by 20% compared with conventional steel cage Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Capable of operating with low-viscosity oils and with low volume lubricant
  • Optimum cage strength for high reliability