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SUS Barrier Bearing

Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Spacea, SUS-Barrier

NSK SUS Barrier Bearings are part of the SPACEA™ anti-corrosion range of bearings. With a strong oxide layer on the surface of the martensite stainless steel bearing along with special surface treatment, corrosion resistance is greatly improved. Specifically designed for processing and production equipment where clean, vacuum, corrosive, sterilization and disinfection cycles, water, humidity and other demanding operating environments are required (i.e. conveyors in the fisheries industry- exposed to salt damage).

Condition Description

  • Arduous Environments
  • Contamination
  • Corrosive Environment


  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage

Product Features

  • Oxide layer and special surface treatment
  • Marsenite stainless steel (ES1 stainless steel)


  • 10x's higher corrosion resistance over conventional products in salt water or sodium hypochlorite solution environments
  • Fatigue and load capacity equivalent to conventional stainless steel bearings
  • Equipment maintenance intervals extended
  • Improved production efficiency
  • Reduced material and energy use
U- 6000 -H-20 S8BR ZZ NS7L
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U- Surface treated or coated bearings
6000 Bearing type and series / Bore diameter
-H-20 ES1 Rings (NSK original martensite stainless steel)
S8BR SUS Barrier
ZZ Shields on both sides
NS7L Grease type and quantity