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Ball Screws - X1 Seal

Ball Screw X1 Sealing concept

The X1 Sealing Concept provides both a highly effective interior and exterior seal for ball screws. The inner part of the seal prevents the leakage of lubricants, while the outer part prevents the penetration of contaminants into the body of the nut. The labyrinth seals serves as a reference point.  Seals provide are a major improvement in terms of performance and function. X1 Seal development demonstrates improved seal performance and reduced friction.

Condition Description

  • Contamination
  • High Accuracy
  • High Temperature
  • Low Friction
  • Lubrication


Product Features

  •  Sealed for resistance to contamination by foreign particles
  •  Seales for grease retention


  • 32x improved seal effect compared with conventional labyrinth seals
  • 2/3 less grease discharge compared with conventional labyrinth seals
  •  Reduced lubricant consumption, as the maintenance cycle can be extended
  •  Lower temperature achieved due to optimized frictional resistance