Mood 3 Products

Tapered Roller Bearings - Sealed-Clean Rotating End Cap TRB


Axle bearings support the axle directly and often operate in harsh environments where vibrations between the rail and wheel are transmitted directly to the bearing. NSK's RCT Bearings are highly integrated with surrounding components and incorporate advanced sealing mechanisms, offering outstanding performance, durability and ease of handling.

Condition Description

  • Compact Environment
  • Green environment


  • Railways

Product Features

  • Removable end cap convenient for axle inspection
  • Easy disassembly
  • Easy handling
  • Anti-rust treatment for O.D. surface
  • Downsizing


  • Longer maintenance cycles- 4 years- same as wheel life
  • Long-life seals
  • Long-life grease
  • Light weight
  • High Speed
  • Improved surface finish of raceway rings
  • Seal variations available
  • Dimensional variations