Mood 3 Products

Triple-Lip Sealed Inserts

Self-Lube, Insert, Triple-Lip-Seal

NSK’s Triple-Lip Sealed Inserts are ideal for applications where bearings are exposed to heavy contaminants such as dust and water.

Condition Description

  • Contamination
  • Corrosive Environment


  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical
  • Construction
  • Food & Beverage
  • Material Handling
  • Packaging
  • Textile and Leather
  • Utilities

Product Features

  • Nitrile rubber triple lip bonded to protective pressed steel shield
  • Both setscrew and eccentric locking collar insert options available
  • Large size range including imperial options
  • Interchangeable with standard items


  • Seal performance increases bearing life
  • Extended relubrication intervals-reducing maintenance costs and increasing productivity
  • Simple implementation
  • Mounting on the shaft with balled setscrew,provides greater resistance to loosening