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Ball Bearings - Low-Torque BB for Hybrid vehicles

Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Low Torque, Plastic Cage

The demand for Hybrid Vehicles is rapidly on the rise thanks to the low fuel consumption and low emissions realized through a more efficient integration of the engine and electric motor. There is a growing need to reduce transmission bearing torque loss in new  generation hybrid cars. NSK new Low-Torque Ball Bearings for Hybrid Vehicle Transmissions enable a 50-65% improvement in frictional loss compared to conventional bearings, contributing to improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Condition Description

  • Low Friction


  • Automotive

Product Features

  • Number of balls dramatically reduced
  • Optimization of ball diameter, race dimensions and clearances using special analysis technology
  • Specially shaped resin cages


  • Torque reduction of 50-65% compared to conventional bearings
  • Lubrication oils agitated through the introduction of the specially shaped cages, leading to significant improvement in frictional loss
B110-27 T85R
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B110-27 Bearing Type
T85R Cage Type