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Cylindrical Roller Bearings - EMM-VS Series

Cylindrical Roller Bearing, EM, 2Comp, open

EMM-VS Series of Cylindrical Roller Bearings for Vibrating Equipment features  high load-carrying capability. Built with an innovative outer-ring-guided machined brass cage and a special roller crowning this series accommodates heavy loads and misalignment.

Condition Description

  • High Load
  • Vibration


  • Material Handling
  • Quarrying, Mining & Construction
  • Utilities

Product Features

  • High strength and wear resistant machined brass cage
  • One-piece cage gives higher strength under vibrating conditions
  • Special cage pocket profiling helps guide rollers
  • Large cage pocket corners relieve stress concentrations on the cage
  • Reduced generation of edge loading due to special roller crowning
  • ISO standard sizes


  • Enhanced cage strength improves rigidity
  • Improved grease and oil flow in cage pockets
  • Improved lubricant dispersion reduces noise
  • 30% higher load rating compared with conventional bearings
  • Up to twice the bearing life