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Ball Bearings - Ceramic-Coated


NSK’s Ceramic-Coated Ball Bearings with high insulation resistance are optimal for applications that are susceptible to electrical corrosion. Ceramic-coated ball bearings are plasma sprayed to ensure a proper bonding to the bearing steel. The coating is sealed with a special acrylic resin that helps prevent significant deterioration of electrical resistance.

These bearings are supplied across the world for industrial motors & generators, traction motors and wind energy applications.

Condition Description

  • Corrosive Environment


  • Electric Motors
  • Power Generation
  • Power Transmission
  • Wind Turbines

Product Features

  • Ceramic-coated bearing ring
  • Optimized thickness of ceramic coating
  • High durability of the coating due to specific plasma spray process
  • Acrylic resin layer to seal the coating and to optimize the insulation capability
  • Available with standard bearing dimensions


  • High insulation resistance
  • High cost efficiency due to increased bearing life
  • Cost effective when compared to hybrid bearings
  • Special preparation of the housing bore is not required
62XX 18 HD2 C3
Show Description
62XX Bearing type and series
18 Bore Diameter
HD2 Ceramic Coated
C3 Radial internal clearance