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Angular Contact Thrust Ball Bearings - Sealed ACTBB for Ball Screw Support

NSK's Sealed Angular Contact Thrust Ball Bearings for Ball Screw Support provide excellent resistance to ingress of coolant and metal chippings, while providing high rigidity and accurate ball screw support.

Condition Description

  • Contamination
  • Lubrication


  • Automotive
  • Machine Tools

Product Features

  • Light pressure contact seals
  • Special design 60° contact angle
  • Pre-packed with WPH waterproof grease
  • Special Polyamide cage design
  • NSK’s special EP (Extra Pure) steel
  • Interchangeable with open TAC series


  • Longer grease life - seals provide 50% longer grease life
  • Extended fatigue life – EP steel enhances fatigue life by 3 times
  • Low starting torque allows smoother more accurate rotation
  • Reduced set up time due to pre-grease and universal arrangements
  • Higher axial rigidity due to optimized design and higher ball quantity
  • Improved dust / water resistance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Seals prevent grease purge
  • Low running torque requires less energy to drive
30 TAC 62 B DDG SU C10 PN7B
Show Description
30 Nominal Bore Diameter
TAC Bearing Type Symbol
62 Nominal Outer Diameter
B Internal Design
DDG Seal
SU Arrangement
C10 Preload
PN7B Accuracy