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Ultra-Large Split Bearings for BOF's & Converters

Spherical Roller Bearing, Ultra-Large, Split, Cut

Typical bearings for BOF's and Converters cannot be replaced without removing the bull gear. Therefore if there is a sudden need for replacement due to unexpected failures large production losses can be incurred in the production process.  NSK's design structure with split bearings ensures that any bearing replacement is non-time consuming (work load reduced by approximately 35% against standard bearings) & helps reduce maintenance costs.

Condition Description

  • High Load
  • High Speed
  • High Temperature


  • Steel & Metals

Product Features

  • Ultra-large spherical roller bearings: outer ring, inner ring, roller & cage & fastening ring
  • Seal sliding surface integrated by a fastening ring


  • Bearings replaced without removing the bull gear
  • Reduced maintenance time - by 35% compared to standard bearings with bore 1200mm and 1400mm
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced downtime & production losses


950 SLPT 14 51
Show Description
950 Bore Diameter
SLPT Bearing Type
14 Outer Diameter (x100)
51 Drawing Number
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