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Angular Contact Ball Bearings - ROBUST Series of Ultra high-Speed ACBB

ACBB, Phenolic Polyamide Cage, 2Comp

NSK's ROBUST Series of Ultra High-Speed Angular Contact Ball Bearings for machine tool main spindles offer improved thermal robustness, low heat generation, improved seizure rates and low noise. This ensures that machine tools can operate at ultra-high speeds, increasing manufacturers productivity while reducing energy costs.

Condition Description

  • High Speed
  • High Temperature


  • Automotive
  • Machine Tools

Product Features

  • ROBUST design: NSK’s optimized geometry
  • SHX steel material optional.
  • Rolling elements - steel or ceramic.
  • Lightweight, high strength Phenolic (T), Polyamid (TYN) or PEEK (T42) cage.
  • Bearing with Spinshot™II lubrication system for ultra high speed.


  • ROBUST Series

    - Durability under fluctuating conditions: Lower temperature rise & improved thermal robustness compared to conventional super precision bearings

    - 20% faster than conventional super precision bearing, up to 80% faster using SHX material

    - SHX bearing steel: Improves seizure & wear resistance. Improves fatigue life (4 x conventional bearing steel). Improves grease life time

    - Reduced air noise using bearings with Spinshot™II oil ail lubrication system (3 to 4 dB quieter)

    - Ultra high-speed possible with position preload (2.5 Million d m n)

    - Sealed types for easy & safe handling and improved grease life

  • ROBUST Series with TYN (Polyamid) cage

    - Grease lubrication, with larger internal space

    - Special design offers lower friction and avoids typical noise from phenolic cage

    - Shorter run-in procedure compared to bearings with phenolic cage

    - BearingsTYN cage improves grease life

  • ROBUST Series with T42 (PEEK) cage

    - PEEK cage is available for applications over 2.5 Million d m n

Show Description
80 Nominal Bore Diameter
BNR Bearing Type Symbol
10 Dimension Symbol
H Material
TYN Cage
DBB Arrangement
EL Preload
P3 Accuracy