Condition Monitoring

What is Condition Monitoring?

Condition Monitoring is a method to determine the condition of machines internal components such as bearings and gears whilst the machine is operating.

Condition Monitoring - CMS Process

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NSK CMS Process

1. An initial survey using a scoring system to assess each machine and its suitability for CMS.

2. Modelling of the machinery on the NSK analysis software which determines the optimum monitoring points on the equipment.

3. Two measurement options:

  • Spot analysis – this is a one off measurement which will give an indication of the machine condition at that time.
  • Periodic analysis – this is a regular measurement service that allows trends of the machine condition and a good prediction of machinery life allowing “predictive maintenance”.

4. Analysis and Reporting using the analysis software. An initial scan will grade each machine with a simple traffic light system (Healthmap). Machines that are highlighted “Orange” or “Red” are analysed in more detail using a specific analysing module.

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What are the Benefits for You?

  • Live assessment of a machine's condition and health while the machine is still in operation.
  • Predicted life of the critical components inside a machine allowing you to plan maintenance more accurately.
  • On-site support from NSK Engineers. Not only are our engineering experts fully trained in the use of condition monitoring, they are also experienced bearing experts and can take diagnostics to the ultimate level of root cause. This allows them to also recommend improved bearing and linear motion solutions.
  • Assurance that NSK as a full range supplier can help with the provision of critical bearing and linear motion spares.
  • Performance improvements and operational cost savings.