Electrification Products


Electrification Products

As a top automotive supplier, NSK develops and manufactures components and systems for many of the biggest automakers globally. Today we are especially focused on efforts toward achieving a carbon neutral society through innovation in mobility, and development efforts aim to address core issues impeding widespread consumer adoption of EV.


Seamless 2-Speed e-Axle Concept

Electric drive unit concept combines high-speed motor with traction drive speed reducer to reduce size and weight, and a magnetostrictive torque sensor and electric shift actuator to realize a high performance two-speed design. Benefits key areas of EV by extending vehicle range and enhancing driving performance, and contributes to ride comfort and drivetrain size and weight reduction.

High Efficiency Rear Wheel Steering Actuator

NSK developed a high-efficiency rear wheel steering actuator with compact motor and low power consumption. The wheel angle is efficiently controlled by an actuator consisting of a ball screw and a newly developed locking clutch. The ball screw converts motor rotation into linear motion with minimal loss, and the locking clutch enables the wheel angle to be maintained with zero power consumption.

Ball Screw Actuator for Electric-Hydraulic Brakes

A low-friction ball screw improves brake response by enabling reliable high-speed operation and precise control. Integrated bearings and peripheral parts achieve compact size and low weight. This product is being adopted enable automated driving and to meet legal requirements for advanced emergency braking and collision damage mitigation systems.

Steer-by-Wire Force Feedback Actuator (FFA) & Road Wheel Actuator (RWA)

Steer-by-Wire systems eliminate the physical connection between the steering wheel and the tires, enabling safety and comfort features previously difficult to achieve. NSK is currently developing force feedback actuators (FFA) and road wheel actuators (RWA), essential steer-by-wire sub-systems, as well as an electronic control paradigm that ensures safe operation even in case of failure.

Thrust Needle Bearing for Electrical Corrosion Resistance

When electric current passes through a bearing, arcing and burning occur through the thin oil film at points of contact between the raceway and rolling elements. Of course, the bearings used in the electric motors in EV are subject to this risk. Our product prevents the occurrence of electrical corrosion, extending operational life and improving vehicle reliability.

Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Ultra-high-speed, third generation, 2Comp

Features a special cage designed using topology optimization and NSK's proprietary simulation technology. The cage is lightweight and suppresses deformation due to centrifugal force even at extreme speeds. As a grease lubricated ball bearing for EV motors, it achieves the world's fastest rotation speed (1.8 million dmN or more) and contributes to developing smaller, lighter EV motors.

Hub Unit Bearing for EV

Our low-friction hub unit bearing for EV delivers world-top-class low friction performance and superb reliability. Lower friction in the bearing contributes to higher automotive energy efficiency and contributes to increasing the maximum single-charge travel distance of EV.

Tapered Roller Bearing, Automotive, Lean Lubrication, Electric Vehicles EV

Features an innovative capillary-action cage designed to continuously supply lubricating oil to the rollers even under lean lubrication conditions. This contributes to improving gearbox efficiency, enabling smaller and lighter gearbox designs, as well as improving energy efficiency in EV.

High Pressure Resistance Seal Performance Bearing for Motor

Extends the operating life of anti-lock braking systems (ABS) by preventing oil from entering the motor and enabling operation at higher pressures. This technology can be applied in all types of oil pumps, including motors for brake system control systems.

Anti fretting grease for Automotive bearings

By optimizing the composition of grease components, we improved ball bearing wear resistance in high-vibration environments.

Next Generation High Energy Wet-Friction Material

EV motors operate at high rotation speeds that accordingly translate to increased heat generated during clutch engagement. NSK's new wet-friction materials deliver high heat resistance, increased flexibility, and an optimized wear-resistant design to meet the needs of EV today and the future.