NSK in India

NSK's journey in India began in Chennai, in 1997, with the establishment of Rane Nastech Ltd., a joint venture with Rane Madras Limited (India) and the Torrington Company (U.S.) to make steering products such as steering columns and joints.

Shortly after, NSK moved to develop its industrial bearing business in India to support the further development of industry in the country, and set up plants and sales offices to further its reach.

NSK was the first Japanese bearing maker to establish a plant in India.

Shortly after NSK began expansion efforts, the India automotive market entered a period of rapid growth, especially in two-wheelers. Heightened demand called for increased local production, and in 2006, NSK established a second joint venture in India, NSK-ABC Bearings Ltd., with Indian company ABC Bearings Ltd. A year later, the venture was renamed to NSK-ABC Bearings India Ltd. (NABI), and thecompany commenced production of bearings in Chennai.

In 2007, NSK established NSK India Sales Co. Pvt. Ltd. (NISCO), headquartered in Chennai, to oversee and drive further sales in the India market. NISCO went on to set up branches in Mumbai, Gurgaon (near Delhi, currently Gurugram), and Kolkata, and continued to expand coverage of the NSK sales network. Previously, India had been served through NSK Singapore, but NISCO solidified service and sales activities, demonstrating the importance NSK places on the Indian market.

Most recently, NSK moved to combine bearing sales and production divisions into NSK Bearings India Pvt. Ltd., enabling the business to improve synergies and enhance operational excellence.

Development of the Steering Business in India

In 2003, NSK acquired Torrington's share of Rane Nastech Ltd., and the name was changed to Rane NSK Steering Systems Ltd. (RNSS).

From around 2006, when the Indian market began rapidly expanding, NSK rose to meet demand with a wide range of EPS solutions manufactured in India. New entry of automakers into India and rapid adoption of EPS drove this expansion. There was also increasing auto exports from India to nearby countries.

RNSS currently operates four plants in India. Chennai Plant (Southeast India), Bawal Plant (North India), Pantnagar Plant (North India), and the Gujarat Plant (West India), established in 2019.

Moving forward, NSK Bearings India and RNSS will continue to strive to provide the best in products and service to our customers in the highly dynamic Indian market.