N Series Thin-Section Ball Bearings


Thin section bearings, 6Comp

Extremely thin-section ball bearings contribute to equipment downsizing, lighter weight, and low torque in robots, construction equipment, and industrial machinery.

With lower frictional torque and less torque variation, N Series bearings improve torque transmission and provide smooth rotation. These high-precision bearings also support high speeds.


  • Equipment downsizing
    The thinnest NB-7 Series deep groove ball bearings minimize the space necessary for the bearings, allowing for even smaller and lighter equipment.
  • Convenient options
    Series 68 and 69 thin-section deep groove ball bearings come in both open and sealed varieties, with plans for further improved sealing performance. Maintenance-free types and bearings with a locating snap ring are also available to help simplify the surrounding structure.


  • Robot axes, robot speed reducers, harmonic drives, RV gearboxes, automobile drive gears