Mood 3 Products

Ball Screws - FSS Series for actuators and transfer equipment


One side of the FSS-Series Ball Screws have a fixed machined shaft end which can be cut to a desired stroke. A simple support unit can be installed at the un-machined shaft end to create a ball screw with a flexible stroke setting in combination with a fixed simple support configuration.

Condition Description


  • Automotive
  • Material Handling
  • Packaging

Product Features

  • High-Precision ball screw
  • Accuracy grade: JIS Ct7
  • Axial clearance: 0.01 mm or less
  • 26 combinations of shaft diameter, lead and stroke.
  • New ball recirculation system enables:

    - 24% reduction in ball nut diameter

    - 6 dB lower noise

  • High speed (up to 125m/min.)


  • No support bearing journal required
  • Direct installation of the simple support bearing on the outside diameter of the screw shaft provides a fixed and simple bearing support configuration
  • Full threaded shaft
  • 26 combinations of shaft diameter, lead and stroke
  • Select sizes available through Quick Ship Program
  • Cost efficient