NSK Australia Pty Ltd is a member of the NSK Ltd Group of companies headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and has served the needs of Australian industry since 1965.

NSK Bearings Australia Pty Ltd was first formed in Melbourne in March 1965, as a joint venture between Nippon Seiko KK and Nichimen Co Australia Pty Ltd. In 1969, Nippon Seiko KK purchased all Nichimen shares. The company became known as NSK Australia Pty Ltd on June 1, 1980 and continued to grow.

In 1990, two major rolling bearing manufacturers joined forces when NSK Japan purchased RHP UK. NSK and RHP operations in Australia and New Zealand were merged. On January 1, 1992, the head office and central warehouse facility was established in Scoresby, Victoria and later moved to Dandenong South, Victoria in 2015. NSK Australia has become a dominant force in both Australia and New Zealand, delivering quality solutions to our customers through our commitment to Revolutionary Thinking.

NSK Australia is the second oldest NSK overseas sales company to be established outside of Japan and maintains a strong tradition of support to the Australian marketplace. NSK Australia is a dynamic and industry-focused company, staffed with industry specialists. NSK Australia is a highly regarded supplier to the Australian agricultural, automotive, machine tool, mining, paper, and steel industries supplying ball and roller bearings as well as automotive products and precision components. In addition we also have a comprehensive distributor network strategically located throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Trained customer service and internal sales representatives and after-hours emergency services are part of NSK Australia's commitment to customer satisfaction. In addition, our on-site engineering staff is fully trained in bearing design and application, and provides services such as installation supervision, maintenance seminars, analysis and consultation.

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Now is the Time to Look at What NSK Needs to Offer

NSK-A leading company in the Industry

Since its establishment as Japan's first bearing manufacturer in 1916, NSK Ltd. has been an industry-leading pioneer in every era.

NSK has established itself as the world's top manufacturer of automotive bearings and ball bearings, which are its flagship products. NSK's portfolio of high-quality products is backed by technological dominance, and NSK products are hard at work supporting the modern world in many fields. Our flagship products include the world's first commercialized half toroidal continuously variable transmission (CVT) and an electric power steering system that boasts the world's leading market share.

NSK began developing its global business long before globalization took off. Today, NSK has a worldwide network of 120 sites in 26 countries, mainly in the United States, Europe, China, and other parts of Asia.


In Pursuit of Total Quality

We are taking several steps to maintain our industry lead. Throughout the company, we are honing our competitive strength via continuous increases in quality, cost competitiveness and delivery performance. We aim to be industry leaders in total quality including craftsmanship, Kaizen (improvement), products, services, information, and work processes.


Promoting Individual Growth to Build a Powerful Team

Today, changes are occurring in the overarching framework of international politics and economics. Globalization continues to advance and the world is undergoing a paradigm shift into a new era. At such a time, it is vital that we value our relationships with customers and local communities, and foster and maintain a corporate culture of engaging in business with integrity, honesty, and fairness. I have high expectations that the newest members of our team will help to create and realize our new vision of a new NSK. In particular, I value young employees who do their own research, think for themselves, are persistent, thorough, never give up, and who go to the actual frontline site, and view the object in question when problem-solving. The drive of young people who can look at things with a fresh perspective and a flexible mindset is the power that will build the NSK of the future. There is a lot of challenging and rewarding work to be done at NSK, and each individual grows as they perform that work. And as each employee grows in their respective careers, I expect NSK itself to grow ever stronger. I hope to create a new future for NSK together with talented young people who are ready to step up and be central players in driving NSK's growth.


NSK success is driven by our people. If you are interested in joining our company, view our current opportunities to find jobs that match your interest.

To submit your application, please email your Resume including your most recent photograph in Microsoft word format indicating Subject: Job Application for <Position>.


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