Differential Gear & Propeller Shaft


Differential Gear & Propeller Shaft

In FR vehicles, the engine power is transmitted to the rear differential gear via the propeller shaft. The fact that the center bearing used to support the propeller shaft is located on the vehicle's exterior gives rise to a demand for optimum mud and turbid water resistance in addition to maintaining fast rotational speeds. Due to the large speed-reduction gear ratio of the rear differential gear that conveys engine power to the rear wheels, a large gear-interlocking load affects the bearings that provide support for the pinion gear and the ring gear. In particular, bearings that support the pinion gear require low torque and high durability since these bearings rotate at the same speed as the propeller shaft.


TF(Tough)Series Tapered Roller Bearings

Long life in contaminated oil including metal wear powder has been achieved by original materials and heat treatment. Size reductions from standard open type bearings are available.

Thrust Roller Bearing

Low friction torque has been achieved by logical friction analysis and improved parts surface processing technology.

Cylindrical Roller Bearing

For a pinion shaft pilot in a straddle mount type differential of heavy trucks. The full roller design allows for heavy radial loads.

Neddle Roller Bearing, Long-Life, Universal Joints, 3Com

Low friction torque and improvement of seizure resistance between the spider and bearings have been achieved by using specially designed bearing cups.

Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Propshaft Support, 2Comp

Center support bearings for propeller shaft with high sealing performance against mud, turbid water, and particles.

Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Support Bearing, Coupling 4WD, 3Comp

Thin walled and large diameter bearings for 4WD coupling. These bearings with large bore and minimized outer diameter have superior heat resistance, high load capacity, and sealing performance against mud and turbid water.