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Megatorque Motors - PS/PN Series

Megatorque Motors - PS/PN Series

The PS/PN Series Megatorgue Motors including advanced features like: high torque, high resolution, maximum rotational speed, high rigidity and compactness. These direct-drive motors from NSK are extremely accurate, light-weight, boost the productivity of various devices and complies with CE mark, UL standards and the EU RoHS directive.

Condition Description

  • High Accuracy


  • Automotive
  • Automotive
  • Machine Tools
  • Medical and Health Care
  • Semiconductors

Product Features

  • High resolution - 2621440 counts/rev
  • Shortened positioning time
  • High torque
  • Compact motor/driver
  • High absolute positioning accuracy - 90 arc seconds
  • Repeatability ± 2 arcseconds
  • Servo algorithm with settling time of 1 ms
  • Variety of positioning controller functions (I/Os)
  • Consideration for people/environment (RoHS Directive)


  • Direct drive
  • Direct load assembly
  • Easy installation
  • No maintenance
  • Fully reprogrammable
  • No mechanical components