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Long-life Pinion Shaft with cage and roller assembly


Planetary gears in swing / travel reduction gears for construction and mining machinery are used in severe lubrication conditions where abrasion powder from gears and other foreign material can become mixed with the lubricant.  NSK's Long-life pinion shaft with cage and roller assembly (especially for Hydraulic Excavators) provides a superior service life (achieving more than a twofold increase), offers greater reliability and improved surface fatigue strength.

Condition Description

  • Contamination
  • High Load
  • High Speed
  • Lubrication


  • Quarrying, Mining & Construction

Product Features

  • Long-life technology, plus compact and lightweight
  • Special heat treatment applied to shaft and rollers
  • Mirror-smooth finish on shaft & rollers ensures adequate oil film thickness
  • Corresponding Size: Shaft diameter up to 36mm, shaft length up to 100mm
  • Corresponding Size: Inscribed circle diameter up to 36mm


  • Improved oil thickness on pinion shaft and rollers reduces fatigue flaking and increases resistance to contamination
  • Special heat treatment combats surface fatigue
  • Service life more than twice that of conventional bearings
  • Improves time between maintenance intervals
  • Compact size enables downsizing

    * Inform NSK of preferred size for simultaneous delivery of shaft with assembly.

FBNP- 30 50 20
Show Description
FBNP- Type of Cage
30 Inscribed Circle Diameter (mm)
50 Cicumscribed Circle Diameter (mm)
20 Width (mm)
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