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Ceramic Ball Bearings for Fan Motors

Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Spacea, Hybrid, 2Comp

Inverter controlled motors in Fans have progressed in recent years but this has created voltage variations which causes current to flow through the bearing, creating damage inside the bearing from electrical corrosion. In order to prevent these damages NSK has developed an anti-electrical corrosion bearing, using balls made from an innovative ceramic material.

Condition Description

  • Arduous Environments
  • Low Noise


  • Domestic Appliances
  • Pumps & Compressors

Product Features

  • Extended service life, due to reduced wear and friction
  • Electric corrosion protection
  • High productivity, due to new ceramic material


  • Improves the reliability of the application
  • Maintains quiet running and increased noise life
  • Prevents bearing damage from electric corrosion
  • Significant reduction of false brinelling damages