Quarrying, Mining, & Construction

Quarrying, Mining, & Construction

Mining and construction equipment are often used in remote areas, such as mountains, deserts, or even 2,000 meters below ground. Widely different machines are used—from crushers, grinders, and excavators to sifters, screens, loaders, and transporters, with many operating continuously. This 24/7 operation means that breakdowns have a major impact on production, with repair often difficult due to the equipment’s size.

Bearings in mining and construction face extremely challenging conditions including:

  • Heavy loads with impacts/shocks
  • Light loads with high-speed rotation
  • Heavy loads with low-speed rotation

As machines critical to building society, bearings in mining and construction equipment must be tough, long-lasting, and highly reliable.

NSK combines the very latest in design with our core technologies in materials, lubrication, and analysis to offer bearings that go beyond the limits of convention. NSK bearings provide both long life and high allowable speeds, increasing productivity and lowering maintenance costs in even the harshest sites while working toward more environmentally friendly operations.

NSK Experience & Technology

Roller Bearings

As mining and construction equipment operate in sites around the world, most bearings used in the industry are standardized by ISO and take maintenance into account. Never settling, NSK developed bearings with the top specs in the world. 

  • NSKHPS™ High Performance Standard Bearings for Industrial Machinery: Spherical Roller Bearings
    With the latest cage designs and special surface treatments, NSKHPS bearings use the latest materials for greatly increased load capacity and longer life.
  • EM Series Cylindrical Roller Bearings
    A machined one-piece cage allows for an increase in both roller size and the number of rollers, greatly improving function in this new generation of CRBs with exceptionally high load capacity and long life.

NSK continues its development efforts day-in and day-out to provide the mining and construction industries with the utmost in function, performance, and reliability.

Digging, Drilling and Blasting the Ore

NSK Bearings are used in some of the toughest terrain and inaccessible locations of a mining site. Whether it's digging an access tunnel, removing the ore, or attaining mineral deposits drilling machinery, bearings used in draglines and shovels need to be reliable. NSK technology, service and experience can help you maintain your production momentum.

Crushers for quarrying & mining

Achieving longer life from Quarrying conveyors

Quarry, Mining, Construction, Underground Shearer

Stack, Doze or Carry - NSK Bearings Help You Lighten the Load of Maintenance

Heavy loads, shock loads, vibration, misalignment and debris all contribute to machinery wear, but NSK bearings can help lighten the load of maintenance with specifically designed vibration and wear resistant bearings helping you to extend your plant production life.

NSK has worked with equipment manufacturers, contractors and mine operators worldwide to create bearings which meet their working needs, and we will continue to develop and invest in new technology to ensure your machinery continues to perform.

Transportation around the mining and quarrying sites - conveyors, dumper trucks, loaders, reclaimers, mobile plant and much more...


Quarry, Mining , Construction, Dumper Truck

Crush, grind, screen, blast...It's a tough life to prepare, separate & enrich minerals

The very harsh environments of the mineral preparation, separation and enrichment processes demand that machinery is pushed to the limits with weight and vibration, and contamination is a constant problem.

By understanding and working with equipment manufacturers and mine operators (for static and mobile plant) over the years NSK has been able to develop and design bearings which continue to perform through permanent states of misalignment, shock loads and vibration, to ensure that your machinery keeps performing even under such extreme conditions.

We can advise and help you with fitting, lubrication, sealing and bearing selection to suit your needs. 

NSKHPS Angular Contact Ball Bearings for improved pump life

Longer Life Pumps

Quarry, Mining, Construction, Shaker Screen, Conveyor

Drivetrains, transmissions, gearboxes or wheel bearings in major construction machinery require reliability under high stress conditions. NSK bearings deliver these requirements and can help you reduce energy & power consumption. Our designs and material options help increase your machines resistance to heavy loads, shock & vibration, whilst ensuring contamination does not impede performance.

Quarry, Mining , Construction, Digger, Construction

TF Series Bearings

Designed for outstanding toughness under harsh conditions, combining longer service life & superior resistance against wear, seizure & heat.  >>

SNN Series Plummer Blocks

SNN Series modular housing range - easy to fit, remove & maintain.  >>

NSKHPS Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Designed for industrial machinery and applications in pumps and compressors: easy handling, long-life, low vibration and quiet running.  >>

Molded-Oil Bearings

Molded-Oil Bearings are lubricated with NSK’s original oil-impregnated material, Molded-Oil, and are suitable for corrosive and dust-contaminated environments. >>

Long-life-Vibrating Screen Roller Bearings

Long-life-Vibrating screen series are engineered specifically to withstand hard working environments & frequent vibration.  >>

Integrated Bearing Assemblies

Bespoke housings for vibratory screen manufacturers.  >>

Full Complement Crane Sheave Bearings

These bearings feature high performance seals, a highly corrosion resistant phosphate coating & overall fewer parts to improve cost performance.  >>

EW Series Roller Bearings

Features high load carrying capability and high performance pressed steel cage.  >>

EMM-VS Series

Features a high load-carrying capability, has an innovative outer-ring-guided machined brass cage and a special roller crowning accommodating heavy loads & misalignment.  >>

EM Series Roller Bearings

Features high load ratings and quiet running with precision machined tough one-piece cage.  >>

Long-Life Cage and Roller

NSK develops long-life cage and roller assembly, with Planetary shaft, for swing / travel reduction gear  >>

NSK Success Stories

Customer cost savings is the best reference of our success. Example Success Stories by industry are listed below >>

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