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Insulated Bearings for Traction Motors - PPS

Deep Groove Ball Bearing, PPS Coated, 2Comp

To prevent electric pitting, NSK developed PPS-resin coating insulated bearings and ceramic coating insulated bearings. Relationship between temperature and insulation resistance of PPS-insulated bearings was assessed. As a result, no deterioration of insulation resistance up to 110° C was observed.

Condition Description

  • Electrical leakage
  • High Accuracy
  • Vibration


  • Railways

Product Features

  • Isolating Items
  • Down-sizing
  • Long life
  • High reliability
  • High strenghten cage


  • Electric Pitting protection
  • Proper cage design (DGBB and CRB)
  • Proper contact point design (CRB)
  • Traceability
  • Roughness control of the raceway
  • Roller and ball surface
  • Bearing materials are vacuum degassed for high purity
  • Dimensional stability of bearing steel
  • Bearings are manufactured to ISO Class 6