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Super Large Ball Screw

Ball Screw, Super Large

Designed for electrically operated plastic injection moulding machines with a clamping force up to 3000 tons and more, the NSK Super Large Ball Screws can also be used in big presses. They are meant to expand injection-moulding machines to bigger plastic components, which reflects the growing demand from sectors, as i.e., the automotive industry.

Condition Description

  • High Accuracy
  • High Load
  • High Speed


  • Machine Tools
  • Injection Molding

Product Features

  • Newly developed method of grinding nut bodies up to 800 mm in length
  • Can accommodate far greater axial loads
  • Dedicated ball circulation design helps to achieve high speed rotation even with ball screws of 140 mm in diameter or more


  • Increased axial load
  • Increased operating life time