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Agri Disc Hubs

Agri Disc Hub

Custom-Built and Field-Proven

From disc harrows and seeding machines to strip-till applications, NSK provides you with exactly the right Agri Disc Hub bearing units to meet your requirements. Depending on the bearing unit type, they are suitable for disc diameters from 300 mm to 800 mm.

In addition, NSK can offer special customer-specific solutions, in which selected parts such as the shaft or the outer housing can be adapted to meet the customer’s requirements. Thus, there is no need for time-consuming field trials, as we always use the basic, tried and tested components such as seals and rolling element bearings in our customised designs.

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 CON Cat Agri Hub

Simple Assembly

When installing the Agri Disc Hub on the machine arm, please ensure that the specified tightening torque is always used in order to correctly preload the bearing and ensure there is no free play present.

  • AHU20 = 135 Nm
  • AHU28 = 350 Nm
  • AHU30 = 350 Nm
  • AHU34 = 350 Nm
  • AHU44 = 400 Nm
  • For hollow machine arms a higher tightening torque may be required.
  • We would be pleased to advise you:
  • When mounting the Agri Disc Hub on the machine, use locknuts and lock washers to prevent it coming loose due to vibration.
  • During assembly ensure that the O-rings and spacers are correctly positioned on the disc side.
    • Exceptions: AHU28117A-01, -02 and -03, as a cover plate was used in these versions.
  • Avoid shock loading to the shaft when the Agri Disc Hub is not mounted. This can damage the bearing.
  • When mounting or replacing the disc, ensure that no contamination enters the bearing unit.

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Product Range

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Agri Disc Hub - Type A, Type B & Type C

Agri Disc Hub, Drawing

Technical details and advantages

  • Applications: disc harrows, strip-till applications and seeding machines
  • Double-row angular-contact ball bearings with a 40° contact angle to support high axial and radial loads
  • Protection against contamination and moisture through a specially developed cassette seal and O-ring – even when using a high-pressure cleaner
  • Maintenance-free lifelong lubrication through the use of high-performance grease
  • Special NSK seal (DDU) prevents grease escaping
  • Proven sealing performance against dust, water, plant fibres, fertilisers and stones
  • Robust cast flange

Cassette seal & Sealing with an O-ring

Verification and Tests

Verification, tests and result of the examination

Agriculture, Agri-Hub, Field Test, Water Jet

Water jet test over 200 hours: at the end of the test there were no signs of water ingress through the cassette seal.

Agri Disk Harow

Typical picture of a compact disc harrow covered in dirt following the use of liquid manure.

Agriculture, Agri-Hub, Field Test, Machine Arm

An NSK employee removing the Agri Disc Hub bearing unit from the machine arm.

Agriculture, Agri-Hub, Field Test, Conditions

There is neither contamination nor rust in the relevant part inside the O-ring.

Agriculture, Agri-Hub, Field Test, Seal

No dirt was able to get through the cassette seal.
The seal can be seen to be in an outstanding condition.

Agriculture, Agri-Hub, Field Test, Lubrication

Once the bearing had been dismantled, no dirt or debris was discovered inside the bearing or within the grease lubricant.

Agriculture, Agri-Hub, Field Test, Raceway

There is no sign of any damage or wear to the raceways.

Result of the Examination

Although the Agri Disc Hub bearing unit was used in extreme operating conditions in a compact disc harrow incorporating liquid manure, the bearing showed no signs of contamination, damage or wear. The Agri Disc Hub – and therefore the compact disc harrow – could have continued operating with no problems.


* Field trial 3,000 hectares.

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