SPACEA Series Ball Bearings


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NSK SPACEA series Ball Bearings are optimal for applications in operating environments that are too severe for standard bearings. 
The SPACEA series have a wide array of product variation applicable to special environments such as vacuum, clean, corrosive, high-temperature, dust or water contaminated, and non-magnetic requirements.  In demanding operating environments, these bearings will meet your high quality and high performance standards. The SPACEA range utilises advanced materials, lubricants and surface treatment technologies for special operating conditions.


Deep groove ball bearings are the current focus of the rolling element SPACEA series. These are designed for use in a wide variety of special environments including:

  • Clean rooms for the manufacture of semiconductors
  • Aqueous environments for food processing
  • Environments where corrosive substances are present
  • Vacuum conditions where conventional methods of lubrication are unsuitable
  • High temperature applications up to +400 °C.

NSK's range of SPACEA Bearings include: stainless steel ball bearings, ceramic ball bearings, aqua bearings, hybrid ball bearings, ceramic hybrid ball bearings

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