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Ultra-long-life Ball Bearings for Transmissions

Deep Groove Ball Bearing, EQTF, 2Comp

NSK Ultra-long-life Bearing helps prevent surface flaking. The bearing life is increased by up to 3 times, in comparison with conventional bearings, and up to 10 times when used in combination with NSK’s proprietary long-life ring heat-treatment technology (UR, HTF).

Condition Description

  • Contamination
  • Low Friction


  • Automotive
  • Power Transmission

Product Features

  • Strengthened rolling element (Ball)
  • Deposit of hard, minute particles of Si-nitride on the ball
  • Special carbonitriding heat-treatment technology


  • The bearing life was extended by at least 2 to 3 times against conventional technology for the bearing inner and outer rings
  • With NSK’s proprietary long-life ring heat-treatment technology (UR, HTF), the bearing life achieves more than 10 times that of a conventional product
  • Life improvement makes bearing downsizing possible - leading to a weight reduction of up to 50% and a resulting 12% torque reduction