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Product Selection Tools – Linear Motion Control

To support you, NSK has developed the following technical tools:

CAD Drawing

CAD Drawings

You can use our CAD service to obtain an image, which can be imported into your CAD package.

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Condition Monitoring

ACOUS NAVI™ Condition Monitoring & Diagnostic Software
for FIELD System

ACOUS NAVI is a complete solution designed to monitor the operating status of machine components and detect or predict signs of damage or deterioration. It is provided to customers as an application that can be installed on a PC or as a pre-installed solution on dedicated hardware.

The ACOUS NAVI line-up includes three main versions to monitor and diagnose the status of bearings, ball screws, and linear guides.



Calculation Tools

NSK Linear Guides Design Tool (Click!Speedy™) 

  • Custom design of NSK products with detailed specifications like type, size, length, seals, lubricant including K1 unit, etc.
    The part number, specification data sheet, specification drawing and CAD data of the custom designed item are provided by download or e-mail.
    (NB: “Click-speedy” has pop-up windows. If the pop-up window has not displayed, please check “Pop-up blocker” setting on your device.
    Permissive URL:

NSK Linear Guides Calculation Tool

  • Reference tool to simplify the life and load calculation of NSK Linear Guides

NSK Megatorque Motor Selection Tool supports you with the following calculations: 

  • Calculation of load moment of inertia
  • Motor selection by the shortest positioning
  • Motor selection from the movement pattern

NSK Monocarrier Selection Tool

  • Sizing and lifetime calculation for standard Monocarriers including large lead series
  • Recommendation of the appropriate NSK Monocarrier

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