NSK manufactures 100% genuine parts as specified and used by the OE car manufacturers and first tier suppliers. The quality of all parts is tested and approved by the our OE customers. This is extremely important as NSK‘s overall aim is to always strive for the absolute best in quality.

Country of Origin
We manufacture our wheel bearings in the vicinity of the most important international automobile manufacturers and suppliers. The short distances promote regular communication and coordination and guarantee optimum service. For common high volume vehicles, bearings are made at multiple NSK factories to support local supply.

Global standards apply to NSK Automotive products
NSK products comply with the technical specifications and quality standards defined by the group headquarters in Japan in conjunction with our OEM customers. Uniform process flows, global production standards and our staff’s high level of expertise also guarantee that our bearings are always a constant high quality.
NSK wheel bearings are compact and, due to their low weight, guarantee efficient fuel consumption. What’s more, they also contribute to the vehicle’s and the passengers’ active and passive safety, through integrated ABS sensors and other technology. For this reason, NSK never compromises on quality or manufacturing processes.


Approved by automobile manufacturers and suppliers
Only approved sources of steel, lubricants and seal components are used to further ensure the same performance of our products no matter which factory is producing for our customers. Due to the approval of the OEMs, spare-parts distributors can also be sure of receiving only high-quality and precision-fit wheel bearings – from every NSK factory.

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