Information Security Policy

Recent advancements in information and communication technology have dramatically improved the way we handle information. On the other hand, this has brought an increased risk of data breaches and leakage, due to increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and incorrect handling of information. Such risks pose an ever-greater threat to companies in the event of an information security incident or accident.

Positioning information security measures as corporate-wide initiatives in such an environment, NSK Ltd. and NSK Group companies (hereinafter “NSK Group”) hereby set forth the Basic Policy on Information Security and declare that we will comply with this policy.

1. Initiatives for Information Security

Recognizing that initiatives for information security are a top priority in management, we will protect our information against various threats including information leaks, falsification, loss, and disasters in order to use information safely and proactively.

2. Handling of Information Assets

In order to use information assets correctly across the entire NSK Group, we will ensure that information assets are handled according to the level of importance defined in our policy.

3. Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Contracts

We will comply with all applicable laws, social standards, and contracts related to information security.

4. Training

We will provide training and conduct awareness-raising activities necessary to ensure information security based on our policy for employees who handle information belonging to the NSK Group.

5. Continuous Improvements

We will establish an operation management structure for information security and continuously conduct activities to maintain and improve our information security level.

Tatsuki Murata
Head of Digital Transformation Division Headquarters
NSK Ltd.

Sign of Tatsuki Murata for information security policy

Created on June 2, 2003
Revised on July 13, 2023