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Low-Friction TM-Seal for Transmission Bearings


NSK has developed a low-friction seal for transmission bearings that reduces the seal friction by 50%, in comparison to the old TM-seal design (10% friction reduction on the complete bearing). NSK's fitted bearings with TM-seals are used inside transmissions to inhibit the ingress of gear dust and other contaminants.

Condition Description

  • Corrosive Environment
  • Low Friction


  • Automotive

Product Features

  • The seal friction was reduced by narrowing the seal lip by 10% and lengthening it by 70%, compared to conventional bearings

  • The seal lip shape was improved based on computer analysis; the new shape improves lip-following and stabilises the contact pressure along the edge.


  • Seal friction reduced by up to 50% compared to the old TM-seal design and total bearing friction reduction of around 10%.

  • Same durability as the replaced TM-bearings by preventing the ingress of contaminants to the transmission oil in the bearing. The bearing life is improved by 2,5 times in comparison to open bearings.

35 TM 11 A2 -A-6 E7 X26
Show Description
35 Bore diameter
TM NSK Sealed-clean technology seal
11 sequential number of design
A2 internal design
-A-6 corner form
E7 outer ring Special Feature
X26 Heat Stabilisation of Rings
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