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Long-life Sendzimir Backup Roll Bearings

Cylindrical Roller Bearing, Sendzimir BUR, double-row

These bearings were specifically designed for Sendzimir mills in Iron and Steel works. Due to the SAC steel and an optimised seal design, they achieve long life under conditions of contaminated lubrication and high-speed operating conditions. Their excellent lubricating properties and sealing performance respond to issues associated with oil-air lubrication. 
Also available as STF (Super TF).

Condition Description

  • Contamination
  • High Load
  • Lubrication


  • Steel & Metals

Product Features

  • Use of NSK's proprietary SAC steel
  • Optimised seal design allowing oil-air mist to be discharged through the seal lip
  • Reduced number of components
  • Integrated structure - Replacing slinger & snap ring simplified
  • Low friction seal system


  • Longer life (up to twofold) through SAC steel
  • Stable sealing performance at high rotating speeds in response to issues associated with oil-air mist lubrication
  • Seal wear reduction  -  excellent lubricating properties and sealing performance
  • Less time required to replace seals
STF 2U 180 - 1A g3 CCG200 UPA
Show Description
2U Double-Row (Cyllindrical Roller Bearing)
180 Nominal Bore Diameter
1A Serial number
g3 SAC Steel
CCG200 Internal Clearance Symbol
UPA Tolerance Class Symbol
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