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Social Media Policy

The NSK Group (NSK) adheres to the following policies regarding the use of social media.

Disseminating Information and Responding through Social Media—Awareness and Responsibilities

NSK will only disseminate information through social media with the understanding that disseminating information over the Internet means that such information is accessible to many unspecified persons, and furthermore, that releasing information at once over networks means that the information can never be completely deleted.

NSK will use due care in disseminating information and responding through social media to avoid misunderstandings, bearing in mind that said actions at the very least impact the public.

Stance on Participation in Social Media

NSK will remain attentive and listen to customers, only disseminating sound information and acting responsibly in accordance with the NSK Corporate Philosophy.

Regulatory Compliance and Adherence to Internal Regulations

In disseminating information through social media, NSK will comply with the relevant laws and internal rules and manuals.

To Customers and Users

Due to the very nature of social media, information that is disseminated does not necessarily reflect official views. Information can be modified after it is disseminated and should only be trusted from the source.

NSK's official announcements will be made on the NSK website and official press releases.

Additionally, NSK may respond in different ways depending on the social media account used.

NSK cannot guarantee the accuracy of statements or opinions expressed in social media, nor does NSK accept any responsibility for content submitted by users.

NSK cannot respond to all content or comments that are submitted.

NSK reserves the right to discontinue using social media at any time and delete social media content.