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Environmental Management

The NSK Group is implementing various policies to contribute to society's sustainable development and to decrease the company's environmental impact. The following is a report on its systems for promoting environmental management.

NSK's Approach

NSK's Approach: Harnessing NSK's Four Core Technologies to Help Reduce the Environmental Impact of Human Societies

The products of the future must perform better than today's in order to help reduce the impact human societies have on the natural environment. In an effort to contribute to the well-being and safety of society and to protect the global environment, as spelled out by its corporate philosophy, NSK is working hard to accurately determine the needs of its customers and the broader society, as well as to develop environmentally friendly products and technologies which, in keeping with its basic policy, make the most of the company's four core technologies (tribology, material engineering, analysis technology, and mechatronics). By delivering these products and technologies to all corners of the globe, the Company aims to contribute to the sophistication of the machinery in which NSK products are incorporated and to the development of environmentally friendly industry as well as to the reduction of environmental impact throughout society.

Fig 1. Harnessing NSK's Four Core Technologies to Help Reduce the Environmental Impact of Human Societies

Fig 1. Harnessing NSK's Four Core Technologies to Help Reduce the Environmental Impact of Human Societies

Basic Policy for the Development of Environmentally Friendly Products

The NSK Group minimizes the environmental impact of its products at every stage — from R&D and design, to production, usage, and disposal – by upholding the following standards:

  1. Each product should contribute toward the energy and resource conservation of the machine in which it is installed.
  2. The amount of energy and resources required during product manufacturing should be minimal.
  3. Environmentally harmful substances should not be used in products or manufacturing processes.
  4. Products should contribute to the health and safety of endusers by having low emissions of vibration, noise, and dust.

Eco Friendly Technology

With its Environmental Code of Conduct, the NSK Group aims to develop technology and create products that reduce environmental impact. NSK Group products are incorporated into various machines and devices and have the ability to control friction and reduce the amount of energy consumed. In designing new products and upgrading previous models, the NSK Group emphasizes two goals: (1) reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing process and (2) provide comfort, conserve energy, and save natural resources at the end-user stage.

NSK's Targets for Technology Development

  Stage in product lifecycle
product development
(consumer oriented)
Selection of materials, parts, and lubricants, and product design manufacturing and shipping disposal
Environmental effect
Energy conservation
  • Reduction of electricity,
  • Improvement of fuel efficiency
More compact and lightweight, lower torque, higher speed Selection of parts and materials with low environmental impact and minimal energy consumption Simplified processing, reduction of stock removal, reduced heat-treatment times Recycling
Resource conservation
  • Long-life design
  • Reduce of size and weight
  • Recyclable
Longer life, unit design, more compact design, more resistant to corrosion and heat Long-life materials, easier for Easier-recycling, and lightweight materials Reduce material wastage Recycling
Clean operation, safety, and comfort for user
  • Elimination of environmentally harmful substances,
  • Maintenance-free
  • Prevention of environmental pollution
  • Reduction of noise and vibration
Clean operation, super sealed, and low-noise, low-vibration, no dust, and no-lubricant features Materials and parts free of hazardous substances; new, alternative materials, and biodegradable lubricants Reduce use of environmentally harmful substances No emissions of environmentally harmful substances even after disposal (through landfill or incineration)

Eco-efficiency Indicators

NSK Eco-efficiency Indicators (Neco)

NSK products can be considered environmentally friendly because they reduce friction, which helps to save energy and otherwise protect the environment. In an effort to further promote these types of products, the NSK Group formulated the Basic Policy for Environmentally Friendly Products in fiscal 2001 and started registering new products that meet its standards. In fiscal 2008, the Group introduced the NSK Eco-efficiency Indicators (Neco), a yardstick for quantitatively assessing the degree of environmental friendliness possessed by the products it develops. Currently the Group is working to achieve a Neco score of 1.2 or higher.

The Neco score is a comparison between old and new products. It is calculated by dividing product value V, an indicator of a product's lifetime and performance that must be improved, by environmental impact E, an indicator of parameters such as product weight and energy consumption that must be reduced. The better a product's performance and the more environmentally friendly it is, the higher its Neco score will be.

NSK Eco-efficiency Indicators (Neco)