Achievements in the Development of Environmentally Friendly Products with a Neco Score of 1.2 or Higher

Fiscal 2021: One product

Eco-friendly productNSK technologyCustomer benefitsNeco
Super-Long Life for High-Load Drive Ball Screws
  • Optimization of load distribution
  • Long life span
  • Electrification of industrial machinery
  • Improved productivity
  • Resource conservation through downsizing of machinery

Fiscal 2020: Six products

Eco-friendly productNSK technologyCustomer benefitsNeco
Low Friction Hub Unit Bearings for EVs
  • Improved base oil and thickener
  • Reduced friction
  • Improved fuel economy (energy efficiency)
  • Extended travel range
Technology to Reduce Machine Tool Quadrant Glitches in Circular Interpolation Motion by Stabilizing Friction in Ball Screws
  • Reduced frictional variation when the ball screw reverses direction of motion
  • Energy savings
  • Improved productivity
ROBUSTDYNA™ Ultra-High Speed High Load Capacity Angular Contact Ball Bearings
  • High load capacity
  • High impact resistance
  • Ultra-high speed performance
  • Long-term stable operation
  • Improved productivity
New Machine Tool Spindle Bearing Technology
  • Significant reduction of grease run-in time
  • Lower temperature rise under oil-air lubrication
  • High reliability roller-guided cage
  • Improved productivity
  • High-reliability
Long Life Series DH/DS NSK Linear Guides™
  • Application of TF “Tough” Technology
  • Long life span
  • Improved productivity
  • Energy savings
World's Fastest Ball Bearing for EV Motors (Gen 3)
  • Designed resin cage with new shape by applying topology optimization technology and simulation technology
  • Adopted proprietary NSK grease for superior seizure resistance
  • Adopted high rigidity resin material for cage
  • Smaller and lighter
  • Extended travel range
  • Improved fuel economy (energy efficiency)

Fiscal 2019: Six products

Eco-friendly productNSK technologyCustomer benefitsNeco
For automobiles
Anti-Fretting Grease for Wear-Resistant Deep Groove Ball Bearings
 (in Japanese only)
  • Wear suppression
  • Maintained heat resistance
  • Energy and resource conservation due to improved durability
  • Noise/vibration reduced by improving fretting resistance
For EV gearboxes
Tapered Roller Bearings for Lean Lubrication Conditions
  • Improved seizure resistance
  • Reduced churning loss
  • Reduced the amount of lubrication oil required by more than 95%
  • Space-saving
  • Improved fuel economy (energy efficiency)
  • Smaller and lighter
  • Significantly reduced amount of lubrication oil required
General machinery and conveyance equipment
NSK K1-L Lubrication Unit for NSK Linear GuidesTM
  • Significantly boosted lubrication capability
  • Reduced friction
  • Measures against damage and entry of foreign matter
  • Improved reliability
  • Longer maintenance-free operation
  • Energy savings due to reduced dynamic friction force
For vertical equipment and machinery
Lift-Rotation Z-θ Actuator
  • Compact in-line arrangement of coaxial rotation and linear motion drive parts with a waterproof upper structure and brake mechanism
  • Waterproof design
  • Small footprint
For EV motors
Ultra-High-Speed Ball Bearings
  • Used proprietary NSK grease
  • Cage with new shape and material
  • Smaller and lighter
  • Improved fuel economy (energy efficiency)
  • Improved reliability
For train gearboxes
Low-Maintenance High-Reliability Bearings
  • Developed clearance adjustment technology
  • Significantly increased cage strength
  • Enhanced suppression of bearing creep
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced life cycle costs

Fiscal 2018: Two products

Eco-friendly productNSK technologyCustomer benefits
High Efficiency Motor Bearings
  • Loss reduction
  • Extended product life
  • Energy savings
  • Resource conservation
High-Durability Precision Ball Screws for High-Accuracy Machine Tools
  • Extended accuracy lifespan
  • Reduced frictional torque during low-speed running
  • Applied surface processing technology
  • Improved reliability
  • Maintenance cycle extension
  • Energy savings