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Papermaking Machinery

The pulp and paper industry continues to make great strides in productivity with enhanced speeds and wider wires. To avoid unexpected downtime, bearings in papermaking machines must be highly reliable.

NSK offers a complete bearing lineup for all roll sections of modern papermaking machines, with specialized solutions that keep production moving.

  • Tough Long-Life TL Bearings
    Designed specifically for dryers, TL bearings take full advantage of NSK's materials and heat treatment technologies.
  • NSKHPS™ Spherical Roller Bearings
    NSKHPS bearings integrate NSK's unique materials, design knowhow, and manufacturing technologies into a high-performance standard.

Never settling, we continue to pursue ever more reliable bearings that further improve productivity with less waste.

NSK Experience & Technology

Bearings in the dryer rolls of papermaking machines operate under hot conditions due to the high-temperature steam passed through the rolls. This makes bearings in papermaking particularly susceptible to damage including:

  • early wear caused by insufficient oil film formation,
  • creep from deformation caused by use at high temperatures over long periods, and
  • cracks in the inner ring from increased fitting stress due to the difference in temperature between the shaft and ring.

Inner ring cracks in particular are a serious issue that can fully stop production.

NSK is your solution—our TL Series bearings use a special nitrocarburizing treatment to increase the strength of the inner ring and maintain dimensional stability even at high temperatures.

With a trusted track record, TL bearings serve as a market leader in dryer roll bearings.


Spherical Roller Bearing, SRB, TL-Series

TL SRBs provide superior resistance to inner ring fractures, ideal for papermaking machinery operating under high-temperature conditions.

This tough, long-life series helps boost productivity and lower costs.


  • NSK proprietary steel and special nitrocarburizing treatment dramatically improve resistance to inner ring cracks
  • Increased raceway surface hardness extends life
  • Dimensional stability under high-temperature conditions (Max. 200°C)

NSKHPS SRBs provide a longer service life and higher limiting speeds by employing cutting-edge materials and technology combined with years of cultivated experience and technical know-how.


  • 2x bearing life (25% higher dynamic load ratings)
  • 20% higher limiting speeds
  • Dimensional stability under high-temperature conditions (Max. 200°C)

Molded oil bearings

Molded-Oil bearings are lubricated by an oil-rich solid resin material in the bearing.

Oil slowly seeps from the resin over time to provide ample lubrication over extended periods.


  • Long life
    Specially designed to keep contaminants out and prevent water or other liquids from washing out the lubricating oil.
  • Low torque
    Molded-oil material is applied after a special surface treatment to keep torque low.
  • Clean
    No risk to surroundings from grease leakage or stray oil.
  • Supports high speeds
    Optimized materials and molding processes allow high-speed operation.

Spherical Roller Bearing, Triple ring

Uniquely structured, highly precise, and creep-resistant, triple ring bearings offer long life while being easy to handle and mount.


  • High load capacity design
  • Vacuum-melted, carburized steel for long life
  • High precision
  • An optimized inner ring design improves lubrication
  • Holes and grooves on the rings make lubrication easy



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