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Company Information

questions1: When was the company established?


answersNippon Seiko Limited Partnership Company was established in 1914, and in 1916 NSK Ltd. was founded as the first Japanese bearing manufacturer in Shinagawa, Tokyo.NSK celebrated its 100th anniversary in November 2016.Please visit the “ History ” page for more information.

questions2: I'd like to know more about the company and its business.
answersAs a comprehensive bearing manufacturer, NSK responds to the needs of a wide variety of fields via its two business segments - Industrial Machinery Business and Automotive Business.The details of the corporate profile, please visit the “ Corporate Profile ” page.Please visit the “ Division Overview ” for further information on NSK business.

questions3: I'd like to know about the management policies and mid- to long-term management plan.
answersNSK is executing its business based on mid- to long-term management strategies and plans formulated on the basis of the Mission Statement.
For more information, please visit the “ Mission Statement ” page. 
Please visit here for “Mid-Term Management Plan”.

questions4: I'd like to know about NSK's CSR activities.
answersNSK clearly avows in its mission statement that “creating a safer, smoother society” and “protecting the global environment” are integral factors in all company operations. NSK officers and employees are firmly aware of NSK’s roles and responsibilities, and embraces our vision to contribute to the societies of today and tomorrow. The entire NSK team is working sincerely to expand the reach of our businesses and make social contributions in line with stakeholder expectations. The NSK Group will continue to pursue higher corporate value and sustainable growth through comprehensive CSR efforts.
For more information, please visit the “ Sustainability ” page.

questions5: What is the status of NSK's corporate governance initiatives?
answersNSK believes it is essential to have systems that ensure transparent, fair and timely decision making to raise our corporate value in a sustainable manner over the long term. To realize this objective, NSK will continue to enhance corporate governance structure.
For more information, please visit the “ Corporate Governance ” page.

Stock Information

questions1: On which stock exchanges is NSK listed?
answersNSK is listed on Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

questions2: What is the NSK stock code?
answersIt is 6471. (Tokyo Stock Exchange)

questions3: What is the minimum share trading unit?
answersThe minimum trading unit is 100 shares.

questions4: What is the record date for dividend payments?
answersThe record date is March 31 for year-end dividends and September 30 for interim dividends.

questions5: I'd like to know about dividend policy.
answersNSK places great importance on shareholder returns. For dividend and dividend policy, please visit here .

questions6: Is there a preferential treatment for shareholders program?

questions7: How do shareholders exercise voting rights at a general meeting of shareholders?
answersWe send a proxy statement with each convocation notice for the shareholders' meeting to shareholders who are listed in the shareholders' register as of the record date for the general meeting of shareholders (March 31 of each year). Voting rights may then be exercised by one of the following methods.
(1) If you are attending the meeting in person, bring the proxy statement with you.
(2) Indicate "for" or "against" for each proposal and return the completed proxy statement to NSK by mail.
(3) Access the designated site for online voting (available in Japanese only), and then follow the on-screen instructions to vote “for” or “against” each proposal.

questions8: I'd like to know how to go about name transfer of shares or changing address.
answersPlease visit the “ Information for Shareholders ” page.

Financial Information

questions1: When are NSK's accounting periods?
answersThe fiscal year ends on March 31 of each year. Please refer to the “ IR Calendar ” for upcoming earnings announcements and schedules.

questions2: Which accounting standards do NSK’s financial statements conform to?
answersNSK’s financial statements conform to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

questions3: Can I view the earnings announcements over the Internet?
answersPlease visit the “ Financial Announcements ” page. NSK discloses quarterly financial results and presentation material.
For the finacial highlights for the past 5 years, please visit here .

questions4: Where can I see NSK's integrated report, annual report and securities report?
answersPlease visit the “ IR Library ” page.

questions5: How can I request materials and make further inquiries?
answersPlease visit the “ IR Contacts ” page.