Food Processing Machinery

Food & Beverage Processing Machinery

The food processing machinery that produce food products must be safe and sanitary.
One feature of these machines is that many of them are custom-made to bring out the particular qualities of a food manufacturer's products.
The production process is divided mainly into two steps: preprocessing (ingredient processing, food production and processing), and post-processing (distribution, weighing, filling and packing).


In preprocessing, the ingredients must be washed, cut, and sorted, requiring a variety of different machines to match the production method. Post-processing requires high precision and speed in processing machines.
In recent years, there have been problems with the contamination of food, which seriously damages the trust of the public. This results in higher demand for safety and reliability of machines that are also easier to maintain.
At NSK, we respond to market needs with our core technologies such as materials engineering, lubrication technologies, and precision technologies, significantly contributing to improved performance in food processing machinery.


Food processing machinery produces items that ingested by consumers, so it must be safe and easy to maintain in the workplace. The SPACEA Series meets these needs and contributes to food safety.

BSS model
High-Speed, Low-Noise Ball Screws BSS Model

These compact, high-speed screws feature noise reduction of up to 6 dB compared to noise levels in traditional products.

Product information Ball Screw


This is a compact, lightweight, single-axis actuator that combines a ball screw and linear guide.

Product information Monocarrier™; Linear Actuator

NSK Linear Guides
NSK Linear Guides™

A rich lineup of products for all types of usage conditions.

Product information NSK Linear Guides™

Megatorque motor
Megatorque Motor™

Because the drive section is not equipped with a reducer mechanism, the unit is compact, lightweight, highly precise, with a high torque, and no rattling.

Megatorque Motor ™

Megatorque motor PNZ3
Megatorque Motor with High Environmental Resistance

World's first direct drive motor with IP66 rating under IEC standards.

Megatorque Motor ™

Food Grade Grease Packed Stainless Steel Bearings
Food Grade Grease-Packed Stainless Steel Bearings

The food grade grease-packed stainless steel bearings registered in the NSF H1 category are available as a series. The heat-resistant (max 200°C) NSF H1 category-registered food grade grease is also available.


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