Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

Wind power continues to expand worldwide as a clean energy source in the fight against global warming.

Wind turbines can be enormous machines. Some current 2 megawatt turbines have blades nearly 40 meters in length with a rotor hub height of 60-100 meters. Turbines are also heavy: a single unit can weigh over 200 tons. Wind turbine bearings are built to match these massive structures, with bore diameters between 100-700 mm and widths 2 meters across or more. 

Very few manufacturers worldwide can offer a stable supply of such large bearings; however, NSK stands out with exceptional production capabilities and a global sales and service network. NSK entered the market in the late 1990's, supplying the European wind turbine industry with reliable bearings before expanding into the United States, China, India, and elsewhere.

With NSK bearings used by nine of the world's top ten wind turbine manufacturers, NSK’s proven track record reflects our commitment to serving turbine manufacturers and our pledge to the environment.

NSK Experience & Technology

Wind Turbines

As wind turbines cannot be serviced easily, bearings involved in wind power generation require exceptionally high reliability.

Standing dozens or even 100+ meters tall and designed with 20-year lifespans, wind turbines must be built to last, and that includes their bearings.

NSK designs wind turbine bearings using advanced computer simulation technologies and our deep knowledge of materials and heat treatments. We also thoroughly test and evaluate actual bearings in real-world conditions.

With top-class capabilities among the world's bearing manufacturers, NSK continues to respond to the needs and expectations of the wind power industry by ensuring the constant evolution of our products and abilities.


Metric Series Tapered Roller Bearings

TRBs are capable of taking high radial loads and axial loads in a single direction.

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EM Series Cylindrical Roller Bearings

With a higher load-carrying capacity machined cage, EM Series CRBs provide low noise and superior strength. This standard series offers high performance across applications.

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