Used in countless applications, gearboxes are crucial components that can transform a small rotation force (torque) into a much larger one or speed up a slow rate of rotation. Gearboxes transmit power all around us—in wind turbines, vehicle transmissions, Ferris wheel reduction gears, and more. 

Bearings keep gearboxes rotating smoothly, making them indispensable components to our world in motion.

The breakdown of a gearbox can have costly effects, so extremely reliable bearings are a must. NSK pursues not only the latest and most optimal designs in line with gearbox needs, but also aims to supply reliable bearings with high load capacity and long life for lower maintenance costs.

We continue to draw on our resources to develop environmentally friendly next-gen gearbox bearings with even smoother rotation.

EM Series Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Gearbox bearings must:

  • generate little noise
  • produce little vibration
  • have low heat generation
  • be lightweight
  • offer high rigidity, and
  • provide long operating life

At the same time, bearings face calls for:

  • low energy use
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • compactness
  • light weight, and
  • high reliability.

NSK applies its globally renowned design and development strengths with unique materials, tribology, and manufacturing technologies in products including NSKHPS spherical roller bearings and EW/EM Series cylindrical roller bearings with high rigidity cages.

With unprecedentedly long life and higher limiting speeds, gearbox equipment can be simplified and downsized. 

NSKHPS High Performance Standard Bearings for Industrial Machinery Spherical Roller Bearings
NSKHPS High Performance Standard Bearings for Industrial Machinery Spherical Roller Bearings

NSKHPS SRBs provide a longer service life and higher limiting speeds by employing cutting-edge materials and technology combined with years of cultivated experience and technical know-how.


  • 2x bearing life (25% higher dynamic load ratings)
  • 20% higher limiting speeds
  • Dimensional stability under high-temperature conditions (Max. 200°C)
EW/EM Series Cylindrical Roller Bearings
EW/EM Series Cylindrical Roller Bearings

EW/EM CRBs feature cages with higher load capacity, low noise, and superior strength.

These standard bearings provide high performance across varied applications.

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