Disclosure Policy

1. Basic Policy

NSK will disclose management information rapidly and fairly, and actively engage in dialogue with our stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, shareholders and investors, employees, local communities, and future generations.

2. Criteria for Disclosure

NSK will disclose information in compliance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan and all other applicable laws and regulations (hereinafter “laws and regulations”) as well as the regulations of the stock exchanges on which NSK is listed.
In addition, NSK will disclose not only information required by laws and regulations, but also management and financial information it regards as useful in deepening stakeholder understanding of NSK management policy and business activities. NSK will also disclose non-financial information regarding the environmental and social impact of its activities.

3. Method of Disclosure

NSK will use the appropriate means to disclose information required by laws and regulations of the stock exchanges on which NSK is listed. NSK will also post this information on its website immediately after it is disclosed.
Additionally, NSK will disclose information not required by laws and regulations by issuing news releases, posting information on its website, and conducting other disclosure activities in an appropriate and timely manner.

4. Spokespersons for Investor Relations Activities

To ensure the accuracy of information and fairness of disclosure, the spokespersons for NSK investor relations activities shall, in principle, be the president, the relevant executive officers, and members of the Investor Relations Office. Additionally, directors (including outside directors) and employees may be responsible for acting as spokespersons as the need arises.

5. Administration of Insider Information and Silent Period

NSK will not disclose or divulge insider information during dialogue with shareholders and investors. When disclosing important information regarding NSK that might influence investment decisions of investors as outlined in relevant laws and regulations, the Disclosure Committee will confirm the timeliness and appropriateness of the information prior to release.
In addition, NSK will refrain from dialogue for a certain period prior to the release of its quarterly results, referred to as the “Silent Period”.

6. Forward-looking Statements

The forecasts stated in NSK's disclosures are based on currently available information, and actual results may materially differ from any future results expressed herein due to various factors.