Machine Tools

Machine Tools

NSK is the only manufacturer to offer a complete development and supply service for the essential parts required for machine tools. NSK enjoys unshakeable global product strength for its bearings used in machine tools. These include:

  • high precision bearings supplied from Japan and the United Kingdom
  • spindles that offer easily the fastest spin speed capability available, and are of the highest standard in their class worldwide
  • ball screws that have achieved top global brand status as a result of the cutting-edge technologies used
  • NSK Linear guides™ that are manufactured using production technologies guaranteeing high precision and product quality.


NSK possesses analytical technologies closely based on tribology (friction control technologies) which are used to reduce energy losses to the absolute minimum, as well as evaluation technologies to rigorously assess how best to meet customer needs, and lubrication technologies that achieve both reductions in energy losses and increases in capacity.

NSK is also continuing to amass key materials engineering technologies that contribute to longer product life. Further, in response to customer requirements for precision bearings for high functionality and environmental protection, the company is developing environmentally friendly products.

As a comprehensive manufacturer of machinery parts, NSK is able to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of its clients, and it can assist with both a speedy commencement of operations for machine tools, as well as optimal overall operation.

NSK Verify

This service is only applicable to items with “N” at the bottom right corner of the 2D barcode.

NSK Verify 2D code


NSK Verify

Try out the new app!

NSK has launched a free app primarily for precision bearings for machine tools. Scan 2D barcodes printed on NSK bearing boxes to assess bearing authenticity and access inspection reports online.

The app enables easier factory automation and IT-based plant management. CSV and PDF export of key bearing information empowers customers to track usage history, improve product traceability, and even simplify bearing selection.

*Note: Only bearings with an “N” marked at the bottom right of the 2D barcode are currently supported.

Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese


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ACBB, Spinshot, ROBUST, 3Comp

In 1998, NSK released its ROBUST Series of ultra high-speed, angular contact ball bearings, in response to a request to supply high speed and extremely precise bearings with excellent rigidity for the main spindles of machine tools. In 2002, using its spindle technologies and its ROBUST Series, NSK beat its competitors in the race to develop a spindle that achieves a dmN value (the bearing’s pitch diameter multiplied by the number of revolutions per minute) of 4 million.


In response to environmental protection needs, NSK succeeded in developing a grease supply system for the main shaft of machine tool bearings―the world's first. This enabled grease lubrication of high speed equipment, which was an area where it had previously only been possible to use lubricating oil. Greatly cutting down on the amount of lubricant and air used contributed to reduced energy requirements and it also helped to improve the operating environment by eliminating the noise caused by mist lubrication and wind roar.

Robust Ultra high speed ACBB
NSKROBUST™ Ultra-High-Speed Angular Contact Ball Bearings

NSKROBUST bearings were developed using NSK’s flagship material, evaluation, and analysis technologies and offer especially high performance in machine tools. Sealed options allow for even longer life, improving machine tool reliability.
These features reduce impacts on the environment and help to save energy.

Super Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings

APTSURF™ Series High-Rigidity Double-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

New materials in a new design enhance machine tool performance.

Super Precision Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Precision Machine Components
HMD model
Ball Screws for High-Speed Machine Tools HMD Model / HMS Model

Upgraded version featuring middle-deflector recirculation system that enables high-speed, low-noise operation.

Product information Ball Screw

RA Model
NSK Roller Guides RA Model

The most advanced Roller Guides, representing the culmination of NSK's analysis technology and tribology.

Product information NSK Linear Guides™

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